This section of my site is devoted to my friends. The people below are the most important thing in the world to me. Here's a little about my closest companions.



This is Jeff, one of my very best friends. He has the most delightful personality, he's smart, funny... Just a joy to be around. I have to thank him, because without his patience in teaching me, this website wouldn't have been possible. So, THANKS JEFF! (Isn't he handsome? You should see him when he makes the fish face!) To learn more about Jeff, visit The Sheedy Matrix, a part of the PLEBO Domain.

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Just call him Peck. As you can tell if you can read, his name is Jeff too, so he's 'Peckham' or simply 'Peck' to avoid confusion. I'm not going to say he's one of a kind, because 'kind' implies there's more like him, and there aren't. In fact, there's nobody quite like ANY of my friends, which is why they're so great. Anyway, Peckham goes to Eastern Michigan University, computer science major. I can't really say a whole lot else about him, but you can visit his website.

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This is Dave. He's kind of goofy, as the picture implies, but he's a great person. He's currently on holiday in Montana, for a YEAR, and we all miss him (me, Jeff, Peck, and his puppydog Kiara). He writes beautiful poetry, and, like Jeff, has an uncommon sense of humor (uncommonly hilarious). His family is evil, and the mailman is in for some trouble when Dave comes back from Montana. To learn more about Dave, visit his site.

This takes you to Switzerland.... Just kidding.


Nate is... well, he's Nate. He kind of defies description. He's a lot of fun, has a wonderful singing voice, and has his own way of thinking and behaving. I finally got a picture for the site, but as you can see, he wasn't terribly pleased about it. That's definately a dirty look he's giving me. He has so many great qualities, I can't list them all. He's one of the dearest and truest friends anybody could ever ask for, and I'll miss him terribly when he goes away to college, if indeed he goes to Indiana Wesleyan like he wants to.

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This is Iabn (EE-bin). He's another of my long-haired weirdo friends, and he's got the longest hair, but isn't necessarily the biggest weirdo. He looks kind of stoned, or at least really unenthused about my taking his picture. Normally he smiles a lot. He and Sara (see below) are a couple, and have been since the day after my birthday last year. In fact, it was at my party that they started their relationship. Ian, like the rest of my friends, is a really awesome person, and his mom is nice, too, eventhough she accused me of looking at Nate partially naked (SO not true, although he did his best to tempt me!). I don't remember exactly how we met... but that's the past anyway. He'll be attending MCCC in the fall, on a scholarship for French Horn playing.

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As if you couldn't guess, this is Sara. She just finished her sophomore year in high school, which means that she was one of my freshman when I was XO in ROTC. I feel so old... The explanation behind her shirt, as if it requires one, is that she really does know how many licks it takes. She's told me a few times, but I don't remember. Although she's grinning like a lunatic in this picture, I'm thrilled that she smiled, because she's the only one. She has contacts now, so it's not entirely accurate. I have a grand total of TWO female friends, and I'm happy to say that she's one of them. I'm fond of you, Sara!

You go that way ^ !


Rich is one of my college pals. One of my ONLY college pals... He was my partner during fourth quarter, and a great person throughout the eight months we were in class together. He is pictured above with my beloved squeaky ducky, which gave us the name for our production company: Rubber Ducky Productions. He's also wearing his trademark 'Lucky Hoodie' which, legend has it, was ripped apart by the tenor sax in marching band. Rich is always the helpful person, trying to make everybody's life better and easier, simply by trying to make them a better person. Something about the look he gives when you both know you're not living your life the way God wants you to, makes you want to re-evaluate what you're doing. I know I probably drove him completely out of his mind during school... He was one of the only people that didn't make me feel like I was entirely unwanted, and completely wrong for speaking. Even if he was faking it, he was practically the only friend I had, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Take us topside, Trixie.


Dylan was the first person I met at Specs Howard. He was my "First Day Buddy," which means that on the first day, we had to learn all we could about one another, and then introduce eachother to the rest of the class. From that, I remember that he lives in Marysville, but I couldn't tell you whereabouts in Michigan that is. He's in a punk rock band called Everyone But Dylan because he's the only one who doesn't sing. He's on drums, so that makes sense. Micky Dolenz is the only person I've ever seen who can play the drums and sing at the same time, and rumor has it he was faking it. Some nonsense about not really being able to play the drums. Hooey. Anyway, this is about Dylan. He is Scottish, if you couldn't guess from his last name, and has his family crest tattooed on his shoulder. That's the only tattoo I am actually kind of a fan of. Dylan's a really neat person, and always added a little liveliness to a boring day of class. Although Rich was the only one I talked to on a steady day-to-day basis, I like to consider Dylan a friend also.

Watch your head, hee-hee boy.